Nokia Lumia 920 Review … Apple Fanboy Switches & Ditches iPhone 5

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  1. Ryan Barclay says:

    I remember this video dave and the nokia lumia 920 inflight video
    Shame about the windows phone market
    Definetley agree about Ios being stale in 2012

    Have a great day

  2. Ari Rando says:

    So Dave, I very much identified with your video. I had to switch from iPhone to another OS due to professional purposes. I've already had Android and I simply don't like it, so I thought I'd give it a go on the Lumia Series. I got an 830 myself and am very anxious waiting for it to get here. Your videos clarifies a lot of things, since I consider myself an  fanboy as well (everything  here at home) but I too find that iOS tends to stay on the same page for years and doesn't bring a lot of new things. Yes, best app store out there, can't deny that, but I have the same reasons as you for switching. How do you feel about battery life? Thanks!

  3. Shashanka Rao says:

    Hi, I am having a hard time choosing between the 720, 820 and 920, could you please sort it out for me? I've read some complaints regarding the screen on 920 freezing and also rebooting randomly, the 820 is not good to look at :P and I feel that the 720 is a bit underpowered! could you please suggest a store where I can find a good deal for the phone? I live in Leeds. Thanks

  4. Vishram Chitnis says:

    Nokia was always been the KING of mobile phone industry… It was, it is n it will be….

  5. Craig Colardeau says:

    Dave, What's your daily driver these days? Thoughts on the New Nokia 928? Seems to me just a small upgrade compared to the 920.

  6. Juan says:

    The 808 excels in every category other than video and low light actually. You can accomplish the same low light on an 808, but not handheld.

  7. Mark Moody says:

    Dave. I have used iPhones for some time and have had the iphone 4 for over 2 years. I'm keen to go lumia 920 but have found lots of reviews online talking of issues with the software. Have you had any ? Would you still recommend to get having used the handset for a while now ? Any advice Would be much appreciated. Battery issues and freezing seem to be common.

  8. astront917 says:

    Nokia are back,this knocks the iphone into a cocked hat.
    Great build quality and simple os thats intuitive and pleasing to use,camera is absolouteley superb

    Fantastic phone.

  9. heavenlypho856 says:

    Someone's a little crybaby because people are recognizing that apple isn't the only god damn company that creates good products of today. Sure i never had one, but why would i want one when there's like a billion more phones out there today. Apple is overrated as hell and people like you are stupid because you think that apple is the best when it's not and you are making such a big deal over a damn phone. Oh and please, out of all respect, learn how to spell "UNSUBSCRIBING."

  10. herefordmsv says:

    I'm not interested in OS. For me the iPhone does what i need and focuses on delivering experiences via apps.

  11. James says:

    I don't get bored with the OS but I have to say the battery isn't the best hopefully Apple will do a upgrade replacement battery for the iPhone 5.

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