NYC civil service exam: Here are the salaries for positions open in March

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — The New York City civil service exam schedule is open for March, and some jobs pay more than others.

The application period for exams opened on March 8.

Exam applications currently open include: administrative retirement benefits specialist; associate labor relations analyst; associate housing development specialist; associate public information specialist; city planning technician; congregate care specialist; inspector (consumer and worker protection); media services technician; media services technician (CUNY); plumber; plumber (CUNY); plumber (NYC H+H); senior consultant (public health social work); special officer; special officer (NYC H+H); roofer.

Here are the starting salaries and job descriptions for each career.

Administrative retirement benefits specialist

Salary: According to DCAS, salaries will be consistent with the level of responsibility of the assignment. Salaries for appointments to managerial assignments will be consistent with the Managerial Pay Plan. Salaries for appointments to nonmanagerial assignments will be made in accordance with the collective bargaining pay plan.

Job description, according to DCAS: Administrative Retirement Benefits Specialists perform highly technical work of varying degrees of difficulty and responsibility in the field of retirement benefits examining for the retirement systems of the City of New York. All Administrative Retirement Benefits Specialists perform related work.

Application deadline: March 28, 2023

Associate labor relations analyst

Salary: $76,294

Job description, according to DCAS: Associate Labor Relations Analysts, under direction, with wide latitude for independent initiative and judgment, perform and supervise difficult professional work in research and analysis of labor/management issues for collective bargaining purposes in a City agency; direct the activities of professional staff responsible for conducting research and analysis in the fields of labor economics, labor market, employee benefits, school labor relations activities; evaluate established research programs; recommend changes in existing programs; and develop recommendations for new programs. All Associate Labor Relations Analysts perform…