Obama uses his iPad to watch NBA League Pass

We’ve had no shortage of posts detailing President Obama’s Apple fandom, but this latest clip of Obama sitting down with ESPN reporter/journalist/podcaster Bill Simmons, aka The Sports Guy, is worth putting out there, if only because we get to see the Commander in Chief display some of his Basketball chops.

In the video below, conducted for the ESPN BS Report podcast with Bill Simmons, Obama – who we’ve long known as an iPad user – explains how he often watches NBA League Pass on his iPad. An avowed Chicago Bulls fan, NBA League pass lets users keep up with and watch their favorite NBA teams on the go.

Obama also delves into Jeremy Lin and the whole Linsanity craze while also pointing out that he’s been on the Lin bandwagon for quite a while since Arnie Duncan, Obama’s Secretary of Education, previously captained the Harvard Basketball team while a player there in the mid-80s. While shooting hoops together once, Arnie told Obama, “We’ve got this terrific guard playing at Harvard.”

So, Obama explained, he was aware of the phenom that would evolve into Linsanity before most of us.

Who knew!

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