Official Apple ‘emergency ambulance warning’ issued to iPhone owners – don’t take a chance with someone’s life

APPLE has issued a warning to iPhone users that could save someone’s life.

The tech giant has quietly released an update to a memo for one of the iPhone’s brainiest features.


Make sure you don’t just hang up on emergency services after a false call – explain the situation so they know not to investigate or send respondersCredit: Apple

Millions of iPhone models are capable of calling emergency services automatically – or with a few button presses.

For instance, the new Car Crash Detection feature on iPhone 14 can tell if you’re in a motoring accident and contact fast responders – even sharing your exact location with them.

But if this happens by accident, Apple says you must never hang up, as spotted by MacRumors.

Instead, you need to stay on the line and explain the situation to the emergency call center.

In addition to Crash Detection, emergency calls can be triggered by a five-button Lock Button press for some iPhone owners.

And the Fall Detection feature on Apple Watch can start an emergency call too.

If any of these features activate by accident, you must explain to the emergency services that the call was a false alarm – don’t just hang up.

Similarly, it could happen that you have been in an incident but don’t need emergency help.

You should treat this situation the same: don’t hang up, but instead explain that you don’t need the emergency services.

“If the call has been made, but you don’t need emergency services, don’t hang up,” Apple explains in its updated memo.

“Wait until a responder answers, then explain that you don’t need help.”

This new advice is designed to help emergency centers.

If you hang up once an emergency call has been logged, responders may be sent to your location to make sure you’re safe.

And call centers will waste time investigating your call.

These valuable resources could be used for people in real emergencies.

Freeing emergency responders up from false alarms could mean the difference between life and death for someone in dire need in rare cases.


The change comes following several reports of accidental Crash Detection calls to emergency services.

False crash reports have been logged on rollercoasters and ski slopes –…