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  1. RetroGamerBB2019 says:

    I know flash storage was expensive back then but damn…a mechanical HDD that someone would wear while jogging or biking. Wtf were they thinking?

  2. sonicwave001 says:

    That's pretty sweet. I bet the battery life is way better. Especially with it being all flash memory. It's probably a lot more responsive too.

  3. k.perkins Love says:

    I have one of those do you know where to get a new charger for 1 cuz my charger got stolen and I need it for her listening to music it still works it's just dead need to find a new charger do you know where to get one?

  4. Ignacio Pardo says:

    hello friend, greetings from Santiago de Chile, I have the same ipod and would like to know how much is the capacity in gb what can the ipod accept the hard drive?

  5. Amanda Strowbridge-Msuya TPI says:

    Was a lot of time explaining why unnecessary info just show how with less useless info

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