Ordering Apple’s New iPad Pro? It’s Safe to Expect Delays

Apple’s new iPad Pro models that come equipped with its M1 chip are already seeing delays in delivery times.

The new iPad Pro officially became available to order today, and the company had previously said that it would start shipping in the second half of May. That timeframe is still featured prominently on the product’s landing page. But as 9to5Mac reported, deliveries of the 12.9-inch model—the larger of the two—are already being pushed back as far as early July.

When Gizmodo attempted to order a Space Gray 12.9-inch iPad Pro with 1TB storage and wifi compatibility, Apple estimated that the item would be delivered between June 24 and July 8. It doesn’t appear to be the same for all models, however. The same model with 2TB storage selected was estimated to be delivered between June 2 and June 9. The 11-inch iPad Pro model, however, appears to still be expected to ship in later May across the board.

This was, however, to be expected.

Citing sources familiar with the matter, Nikkei Asia reported earlier this month that Apple had been hit by a component shortage that would affect the assembly of some iPads, specifically relating to display parts. Then, Apple chief Tim Cook confirmed in an earnings call this week that issues with Apple’s supply chain would hit the newer Mac and iPad product lines.

In short, if you want a bunch of storage on the big boy model of the new M1 iPad Pro, you’ll likely have to wait a minute to receive your actual device. Shipments of the smaller of the two newer models, however, appear to be mostly on schedule if display size is less important to you and you need your iPad, like, right now. Otherwise, good luck, bud.