OS X 10.9 to add a number of new power-user features

With all the attention on iOS 7 these days, you may have forgotten that Apple is still working on the next iteration of OS X. We haven’t heard much regarding the details of OS X 10.9, until now.

9to5Mac writes that the update is internally codenamed “Cabernet” and will have a number of integrated power-user features:

The new operating system includes major enhancements to the Finder application such as tags and tabbed browsing modes. Those additions are notable as many pro-users have relied on third-party solutions and hacks to enable these features. Additionally, the new operating system will include a new Safari web browser with a redesigned backend for improved page loading, speed, and efficiency…

It’s worth noting that while initial reports indicated that the next version of OS X would include support for Siri, that may not be the case.

Last year, we reported that early builds of OS X 10.9 included Siri functionality. It is unclear if full Siri-support is still in the cards for OS X 10.9 or if the functionality will be glued to future hardware updates (for instance, iPhone 4 versus iPhone 4S). The shake-up at the top of Apple’s overall software group shifted around multiple iOS and OS X projects, so anything on the roadmap prior to this shakeup could have been altered, according to a person familiar with the situation.

As for when OS X 10.9 may hit the streets, 9to5Mac indicates a Summer release may be in the cards. But remember, there have also been reports that Apple has shifted engineering resources away from OS X towards iOS 7 to ensure that the latter is ready to go for WWDC later this Summer.

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