Rack-mountable Mac Pro to arrive with Air and Lion this week

If you’re in the market for a new MacBook you’re undoubtedly aware that the MacBook Air is due for a refresh any day now. A new rumor making the rounds (via 9to5Mac) claims that the Mac Pro could get upgraded at the same time.

The new line was rumored to be launching in the last week of July or the first week of August, but it looks like Apple is getting them out earlier (or we just got the part numbers super early, which is unlikely). The new Mac Pros are may feature a re-designed enclosure that is both narrower and rack-mountable. A faster, 16 core model is also a possibility and Thunderbolt is an obvious addition. As expected, a new Mac Pro Server model will also debut

My guess is Lion will launch with the new MacBook Air, and Mac Pro tomorrow because Apple’s had enough time to image the machines with the Lion GM build and still stay inside its 30-day delivery window. And Apple likes to announce things on Tuesdays, so there’s that…

Although it’s far too late, I have two requests for the new MacBook Air:

  1. A backlit keyboard is a must (it was in the 1st gen model!)
  2. A LED battery gauge like the one on the MacBook Pro

And tower PCs? Srsly? Who’s buying towers these days, anyway?

Image: MacTechDish

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