Radical Apple iMac Design Explored In New Video


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Ahead of Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ event this week, expectation is high that the move to Apple Silicon will continue with the launch of a new M1-powered iMac. Many details on the hardware have leaked over the last few months, 

The video has been created by Amdix for ConceptsiPhone on YouTube. Bringing together the information that has leaked from various sources, the video showcases a number of elements that many are hoping will make an appearance on Tuesday.

Naturally the screen is a key element of the iMac package, with the explosion of colour and animation opening the video coming from the display, which many believe will be based on the Pro Display XDR monitor. What’s not on show are the thinner bezels you would see on the Pro Display. There’s every chance that the new iMac could look even more stunning than on show here.

Of course the big news of any iMac launch will be the inclusion of Apple Silicon. Amdix has run with the same M1 chip that can be found in the new mac Mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro machines launched in October last year. While an uprated M1X chip is on the cards for 2021, the first iMac is likely to match the power of the mac Mini. Given the numbers that chip was putting out in the smaller form factor I’m intrigued to see how the M1 would perform in a larger machine and the presumably improved thermal handing

The concept video even briefly shows an Xbox Wireless Controller working with the iMac – something that is certainly possible but I wouldn’t see Apple including in its own promotional video for the new deskbound machine.

What it doesn’t show are the rumoured multi-color options for the iMac. Pastel shades of pink, blue, and green along with a softer black have been rumored by many to join the silver standard. Neither is there any indication of the size of the iMacs – while the current portfolio sports 21- and 27-inch versions, the smaller model is expected to jump up to 24 inches, presumably the larger model may see some growth as well.