Rare 1990s Apple-branded sneakers on sale for $50,000

Image Credit: Sotheby’s

A pair of custom-made Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers from the mid-1990s are now available for purchase — and they cost about as much as an electric car.

Another rare Apple collectible has been spotted online — this time, it’s a pair of custom-made sneakers that were given away at a National Sales Conference in the mid-1990s.

The sneakers, for sale by Sotheby’s, feature a white upper, white sole, and an iconic, old-school Apple logo on both the side and tongue.

The shoes are listed as brand new in the box and even include an alternative pair of red laces.

The singular pair of sneakers are available in size 10.5. We’re willing to bet whoever takes them home won’t be wearing them.

In March 2020, a similar pair of shoes went up for sale at auction. Those sneakers, which were listed as used and in fair condition, brought in $9,687 after a total of 20 bids.

Recently, an original 2007 4GB iPhone has broken sales records at auction, with a 4GB first-release unit still in its factory sealing selling for over $190,000.