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  • Links 6/3/2022: digiKam 7.6.0 and Firefox Buxfixes

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  • Richard Stallman Explaining Free Software in Kiev, Ukraine (2021)

    The founder of the FSF was in Kiev months ago, back when he spoke for the first time (in person) in years

  • [Meme] What Happens When You Get Rid of the Founders (Like Stallman and Torvalds, Whose Decision-Making Powers Are Severely Curtailed)

    Mr. Brin (co)founded Google around his love of GNU/Linux, which had been a priority of the company before greedy shareholders and career-climbing sociopaths from prestigious “business schools” took over (by contrast, IBM was pure rubbish right from the very start because the real founder left a fraudster in charge)

  • 2,200 Capsules

    Earlier today I helped another person set up a Gemini capsule; this thing is spreading fast, having grown 10% in just over a month

  • Bypassing YouTube to Watch YouTube Videos

    Over the past year or two YouTube became a malicious spying machine that engages in heavy, one-sided, self-serving censorship (sometimes against Free software) while rewarding spam and misinformation; there are simple ways to access YouTube “content” without touching Google

  • 2020 Talk by Zoë Kooyman (Now the FSF’s Executive Director) and Greg Farough (Campaigns Manager)

    Many people are totally unfamiliar with Zoë Kooyman and Greg Farough; with Kooyman having just become the public face of the FSF, converting the above video from MP4 to WebM was likely worthwhile as they cover a lot of ground in an excellent one-hour talk

  • [Meme] Google: Nothing is Beyond Our Reach

    When it comes to Google (Gulag), E-mail messages are merely “content” (to be scanned and indexed)

  • [Meme] Sorry, Your Software Isn’t Supported

    Google is increasingly pushing proprietary software that spies on you, even for good old E-mail communication

  • Links 6/3/2022: Kodi 19.4 and GNU Health HMIS 4.0 Released

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  • [Meme] When They Want Examiners to Follow Orders, Violate the…

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