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5 tech companies with official self-repair programs

January 17, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Do You Own a MacBook? Use This Checklist to See If You Could Be Eligible for a Payout – NBC Chicago

January 14, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Have a MacBook? You May Be Owed Up to $395 From Apple As Part of a $50M Class-Action Settlement – NBC Chicago

January 11, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Have a MacBook? You May Be Owed Up to $395 From Apple As Part of a $50M Class-Action Settlement – NBC Los Angeles

January 8, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Apple to allow users to repair their M1 Mac desktops, Studio Display at home with Self Service Repair expansion

January 5, 2023/by AppleCrisp

You can now repair your iMac or Studio Display at home

January 2, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Apple adds M1 Mac desktops and Studio Display to the Self Service Repair program

January 2, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Got an M1 Mac? Apple will now let you repair it yourself

December 30, 2022/by AppleCrisp

Apple’s Self Service Repair program now includes more Macs and the Studio Display

December 27, 2022/by AppleCrisp

My favorite laptop of 2022 is from 2021, and that’s a problem

December 24, 2022/by AppleCrisp

Apple Self Service Repair For iPhone, MacBook Users Now Available In THESE 8 European Countries

December 21, 2022/by AppleCrisp

How to transfer your iPhone photos to a computer

December 15, 2022/by AppleCrisp

Apple expands self-repair program to eight more countries

December 12, 2022/by AppleCrisp

Top Stories: M2 Max Benchmark Leak, iPhone 15 Camera Rumor, and More

December 6, 2022/by AppleCrisp

Keep your private data safe from prying eyes at the repair shop

December 3, 2022/by AppleCrisp

Amid ‘Right to Repair’ push, Apple makes some changes

November 30, 2022/by AppleCrisp

Top 6 Online Personal Loan Lenders of 2022

November 24, 2022/by AppleCrisp

iPhone 14 just got a major repair upgrade — what you need to know

November 21, 2022/by AppleCrisp

iTunes keeps crashing or freezing on Windows 11/10

November 18, 2022/by AppleCrisp

Your broken iPhone 14 can now be fixed in-house so no more swap-outs

November 15, 2022/by AppleCrisp

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