Revamped iPad 2 with 32nm A5 delivers stellar battery life – Report

Oh Apple, you sneaky devil. Word on the street is that when Apple released the new iPad and dropped the price of the iPad 2, they upgraded the processor from a 45nm A5 to a 32nm A5. The result, noticeably better battery life on the new iPad 2 (iPad 2,4 below) compared to the original.

Interestingly, throughout a series of tests, the iPad 2,4 delivered better battery life than any other iPad model, including the recently released third-generation iPad. That Retina Display sure requires a lot of power!

One area in particular where the iPad 2,4 shines is in regards to video playback.

The iPad 2 holds a 19% advantage over the 3rd generation iPad (once again for obvious reasons), however the iPad 2,4 absolutely dominates with an 18% increase in battery life. At 15.7 hours this is an insane amount of battery life from a single charge. Granted end users will see lower numbers if you watch at higher brightness settings (200 nits on our test panel was around 40% brightness), but the advantage from the new iPad should still remain just as significant.

In any event, head on over to Anandtech where they have a boatload of information and test results that you’re likely to find pretty interesting.

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