Review: Keychron K1 is the wireless keyboard Apple should have made


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Users familiar with the Apple Magic Keyboard will fall in love with the Keychron K1 with its slim design and comfortable typing experience.

Keychron is a popular mechanical keyboard manufacturer with multiple design types and customization options. The most popular model is the larger Keychron K2 which AppleInsider reviewed at 4.5 stars.

The Keychron K1 is available in 87-key or 104-key configurations with white or RGB backlight options. Users upgrading their keyboard from the chiclet-style keys found in the Apple Magic Keyboard will find this a satisfying half-step to full-sized mechanical keyboards.

Version 4 is an iterative yet welcome update to the K1 version 3. The new features this time around include Bluetooth 5.1, curved keycaps with a new color scheme, and a caps lock indicator for 87-key keyboards.


Measuring 18mm thick, the thin aluminum body has is a slight incline in the base, unlike previous generations, meaning the keys will feel closer to your fingers as you reach.

The Keychron body (right) is not much bigger than the thin Apple Magic Keyboard (left)

The Keychron body (right) is not much bigger than the thin Apple Magic Keyboard (left)

The keys have minimal travel and feel similar to the chiclet keys found in Apple keyboards. The sound isn’t too loud and the key feel is slightly mushy, but it’s not a detriment to the typing experience.

Though it is low-profile, the mechanical keyboard still has the proper feel and feedback expected of its class. The keys are half-height and curved slightly to feel better on the finger as you touch-type.

The key caps seem to float above the keyboard case with a transparent portion letting the light shine through underneath. The lighting feels consistent and the different patterns work great during use.

Notably, the K1 does not have any kickstands to adjust the height. There are four small rubber feet for grip, but you’re fundamentally stuck with the incline.


The Keychron K1v4 uses Bluetooth 5.1 and can connect to three devices at once. Users can also connect their iPad or Mac via the USB-C port to avoid delays or disconnects that occasionally happen with Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth 5.1 standard should equate to a stronger connection while using less power than previous generations. It also means…