Rumored Apple HDTV to be named iPanel, says analyst. Launch expected in late 2012

Much like the buzz surrounding the iPhone before it was officially announced, the hype that hovers over the mythical Apple HDTV continues to grow in unexpected directions.

The latest mutation, so to speak, comes in the form of a research note from Jefferies analyst Peter Misek who is calling the as of yet unreleased device the iPanel.

Now to be quite honest, that Misek would actually think Apple would call its much ballyhooed TV an iPanel sort of undercuts his credibility, but alas, here’s what he also had to say.

Well, for starters, Misek calls the product an iPanel because he anticipates it will be so much than a TV.

“It is a display, gaming center, media hub, computer, home automator, etc.,” Misek wrote. “Also, Apple would likely have difficulty getting naming rights from the UK TV network ITV.”

Fair enough, but perhaps Apple will just call it the Apple HDTV, and disregard a snazzy i-affixed name to begin with.

As for other details, Misek believes the product will sell for about $ 1,250 while also noting that specialized components for the rumored product, such as polarized films and display parts, have already started shipping to Apple’s Cupertino campus.

Regarding a release date, Misek writes that production for the product will begin in either May or June, with an eventual release date scheduled for sometime before 2013, likely in time for the busy holiday shopping season.

via AppleInsider

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