Samsung ambushes iPhone 4S line in Australia

By Luis Estrada:

Well if you can’t beat em’, ambush em’.

The iPhone 4S is on target to be the most successful iPhone to date, and initial reviews have it leaving devices like the Samsung Galaxy S II in the dust. Not to be outdone, Samsung figured it’d try and siphon some of the interest in the iPhone 4S by setting up a “pop up” stores just two doors down from an Apple Store in Sydney Australia.

And we can’t lie, it’s not such a bad marketing technique – though we doubt it will have much of an impact on first day iPhone 4S sales.

Samsung has ambushed the launch of the iPhone 4S by offering $ 2 smartphones in a temporary shop just metres away from the official Sydney Apple store.

A queue – longer than that outside Apple’s store – was seen outside the Samsung “pop up” store at 8am today, with those in line hoping to get their hands on a new Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone for the nominal price of $ 2.

Apple, of course, has been doing well in its legal battle against Samsung in Australia. Thus far, Samsung has yet been able to sell its Galaxy Tab 10.1 device in the land down under with a final determination on the issue set to be handed down tomorrow.

via Sydney Morning Herald

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