Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smokes iPhone X in Speed Tests!

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  1. Tony Allen says:

    So could we get a break down towards the LTE Bands that are accessible by both devices. I thought the accessible LTE bands are always upgraded on devices every year, so if the Note 9 has improved LTE Band accessibility, then it should be faster since it was released 1 year later.

  2. Will Newcomb says:

    Apple have a lot to catch up on, not just in cell connection speeds but wifi too. IPhone 7 plus user.

  3. Antonio Buck says:

    I agree with this video mine experience with the V35 and S9+ has been nothing short but amazing.

  4. mkingc says:

    Note 9 is the superior phone, why cant isheeps just accept it? Im a iPhone x user who been loyale to Apple since iPhone 4. May upgrade to note 9 soon though, my only concern is the software…. android is a pain in the ass when your used to iOS :/

  5. Devin Brown says:

    Speed tests are cool…. I would have much rather seen real life apps running side by side instead.

  6. Joe Garcia says:

    You have to do this video again. The next line of iPhones is a month away and then it will be a fair fight.

  7. Zmantech ! says:

    For all those Apple fanboys saying that this is unfair because the note 9 is newer it is the same way with the s8 (yes the s8 not s9) which came out almost a year before the iPhone X came out because Samsung used the highest end modem Qualcomm had compared to Apple using. Intel cheaper modem which doesn't support 4g at 1 gigabit unlike the s8 which supports 1 gigabit a full year earlier

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