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  1. Nate Shanks says:

    You're not supposed to press hard on the finger print scanner. Just lay your finger on the display and it will unlock fast

  2. YOUNG ELA says:

    Apple is straight garabge and yes I gave it a try for a week I return that shit and when back to my s9 plus but now I got the S10 plus

  3. Daniel Allen says:

    He didn't turn on the Dolby Atmos in the drop down menu, it makes the phone louder and sound so much better.

  4. Series - The Animated Cinema says:

    Appple world change ur name to Techtopia if I wanna get invited to WWC

  5. Juan Serrano says:

    I went from note 8 to 8 plus. I miss the Led notification, scheduled messages, and how fast it charges without the fast charger. The reason I changed is because I would miss notifications. Sometimes it would ring when it wanted. Also the software improved but it still not as good as I want it to be.

  6. Vimal Ramachandran says:

    Go into display settings and turn on touch sensitivity in order to improve responsiveness of the screen with a screen protector on.

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