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  1. Kamen Kunchev says:

    Cool vid! Keep it up!
    Having one speaker or two speakers next to each other doesn't make much of a difference and it's not really stereo when the speakers are so close that you can not distinguish which one plays which tone.

  2. Xyooj Vaaj says:

    Why did you chose a women’s shirt in the phone…I wish the phone have the skill to photoshop her without the shirt…I want to see some boobies’

  3. MATYUU says:

    Where do you live and where was the video filmed? (city) // Hol laksz és hol készítetted a videót? (város)

  4. Kit Rimes says:

    Always had an iPhone. Two months ago got an s8. Feels good. It can be buggy a bit, but so is iPhone. Camera is awesome, split screen, awesome screen, awesome gaming, fell in love with Google play.

  5. sec fol says:

    I love my self so i will buy the phone according to my needs.. only phone with dual sim/account, with split screen can make my day.. Ios regards with it fluidity are worthless for me..

  6. Coke says:

    How much did Samsung pay you for review`? This phone does lag like crazy while browsing in google Chrome. i got this phone. And i can't recommend this device

  7. hahashow1234567 says:

    u can change your Wi-Fi setting by swiping down. if you hold the button u can even change more detail setting

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