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  1. elbib908 says:

    Please consider revisiting this comparison when the new iPads come out so both tablets have the same release year. I would be very interested in seeing if there are any major differences. Nice video. Thanks.

  2. drsnowmon says:

    One thing sakitech didn't mention is that Galaxy Tab S tablets comes with free, lifetime, membership of Microsoft office tools such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc. This was the major reason I went with the Galaxy tablet, I can actually use it for work

  3. Arcilion Venuture Samagoar Gumich says:

    Both tablet are not Ultimate experience. Such as The Apple tablet has Powerful performance and Highly Respond. And The Android Tablet has Expansion Storage and Additional Feature. That's why I said, Both tablet are not Ultimate Experience . Ultimate Experience using tablet means Product Tablet have including all Feature and Powerful Performance and More Respond and no any exception such as The one Apple Tablet does have Powerful app but cannot add external storage and Samsung tablet does have additional feature but not for Heavy games such as Fortnite, Like Pc games does and Triple A games and lack respond performance like drawing on tablet does have lag of respond line.

  4. Bev in TX says:

    What about how long will the OS be supported by Samsung? I purchased a new phone from them a few years ago and they never supported any OS updates/upgrades. They said, "see Google" and Google said, "see Samsung". That made me very leery of Samsung products.

    I have an iPad that is several years old and am still getting iOS updates and upgrades, so I know that Apple provides OS support.

  5. Himanshu Jagtap says:

    Does S4 even have great apps like iPad? :D What is the use o tablet if it doesnt have powerful apps? Again it costs same as iPad LOL why will anyone buy S4? :D

  6. Avijit Kumar says:

    when showing the geekbench score you said ipad pulls ahead but not by a massive margin …….do you really understand the difference between 1889 vs 3950. first learn then chose the right word…..lol….

  7. theVarlev says:

    Just can't hold making the comment: The amazing "Apple Pencil" (*item sold separately). A glorified stylus that costs as much as a budget phone with none of the extra functionality! :D

  8. Neil Coelho says:

    Watching movies on both tabs is same? Dude the tab S4 has an AMOLED display which is a thousand times better than ipads LCD display , so if you want to watch movies and other mult media buy the Tab S4.

  9. iulian ispas says:

    I like the the bigger screen on ipad but the battery life is trash no more then 1h if you play games

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