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  1. Suzanne Newton says:

    Mention made no headphone jack on S tab6 but surely it has c to jack connector like my Note 10 has? Note 10 got same bad press abt no head jack and not one reviewer pre release knew abt adapter being included or not allowed to let that be known perhaps.
    So those of you with the new TabS6 let us know if you got a connector and headset included

  2. PlAy SwiX says:

    La comparativa más apropiada sería contra el iPad Air. El Pro aún no tiene un paralelo al menos en Android.

  3. Sloppy Toons says:

    Unless you use your spen like a wiimote your don't need the battery. For drawing it's using Wacm emr tech and that doesn't need battery, I wish reviewers wouldn't forget that.

  4. Shanjali Arul says:

    Wonderful detailed video! I have an iPad Pro and I’m super happy with it. Watching videos on it is like being at a theater. Making notes are easier than ever, I pull up multiple tabs and it’s super helpful. Love the keyboard too, it’s so easy to use and feels amazing to type with!

  5. Anthony Colletti says:

    For me , it still comes down to the app ecosystem. Until Android developers get serious about developing for a tablet like the iOS developers develop for a tablet, its a showstopper for me to move to Android

  6. Will S says:

    I've been playing with the 10.5 Pro and Tab S6 for a couple of days. Samsung Android OS is much better imo (i'm using the iPadOS beta). iOS is still a little cumbersome when dealing with notifications and multitasking compared to the Tab S6/Android. Not can you do multi-window on the Tab, but you can do pop up windows for apps and videos. Really versatile and easier to use on Tab S6. Dex is also very cool. Android is also has a lot more customization. I hate the fact that Apple doesn't let me move app icons wherever I want on the home screen. Can talk days about iOS vs Android, but i'll leave it there.

    Samsung Keyboard is better, but if you don't type a lot, you may be ok with just the Apple keyboard.

    There are some top tier apps on iOS that don't exist on Android. Lumafusion for instance. Android doesn't have an app to compete. Some apps work better on Apple. Some work better on iOS.

    Samsung's pen also has a lot more features like built in OCR, ability to start taking notes when screen is off, write on screenshots, and more, if you are looking for something to take notes with.
    But for drawing, the iPad wins with it's 120hz display to reduce lag when drawing fast. *The 120hz does nothing if you are just taking notes.*

    The 120hz is cool, but a little overhyped in my opinion. If you're playing games that support it, then it's nice. Otherwise, I dont' think it's a big selling point for me. Yes, scrolling is slightly smoother, but if you're scrolling slowly, which I imagine a lot of people do, it's not a big deal. Again, it's great if you want to draw (fast)

    For video, Samsung hands down. Android supports the VP9 codec which allows for 1440p playback and HDR. iOS can only do 1080p and no HDR. So if you're streaming something that has the ability to be watched in a higher resolution with HDR, Samsung is what u want.

    For gaming, iPad like he said.

  7. Pranav Dixit says:

    The 8gb ram s6 is way faster and it's still less than any iPad pro 2018 so that would be a more fair comparison

  8. finnegan wake says:

    I would probably go for apple but the fact that you can't stick an sd card and have to pay an arm and a leg for more storage makes it a clear buy for Samsung

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