Save Money on Device Repairs With a Warranty Check


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Computers and devices are now generally considered to be more reliable than in years past. If something does happen to go wrong with one of these devices, a warranty can help troubleshoot and repair. Not only can a warranty save you money, but it can also save much frustration and headache. Do you know if your phone or computer is even still under warranty? We can help with that, showing you how to do a warranty check on a variety of devices.

Why Is a Warranty Check Helpful?

For better or worse, our favorite devices can and do fail from time to time. That’s why warranties are so invaluable – they can help you repair your device at no extra cost to you. Knowing that you still have a warranty when your device has an issue is the first step to knowing how to resolve the situation, as repair costs can reach astronomical proportions.

Device Repairs Warranty Check Generic

Do you think your computer, tablet or smartphone is still under warranty? Then go ahead and skip right to the next section. Are you outside of your warranty? Then you may have to look at third-party repair options or even purchase a new device.

How to Check Your Warranty Status

First things first: before you can start thinking about saving money on a warranty, you need to make sure your device is still covered. Thankfully, this is relatively easy and requires less than five minutes to verify warranty status so that you know what your options are with a device that is not working properly.

Computer Warranty

Device Repairs Warranty Check Dell

To check the validity of your computer’s warranty, you’ll need the serial number, which can be found on the unit itself in some cases or within macOS or Windows 10/11 settings. Plug the serial number in to the manufacturer’s warranty checker to find out whether your computer is still covered:

To find a serial number on a Mac

Device Repairs Warranty Check Mac

Go to the Apple menu in the top-left corner and click on the first option: “About This Mac.” The serial number will immediately be available on the screen that pops up and is also available on the box it came in.

Find a serial number in Windows

Device Repairs Warranty Check Windows
  1. Right-click on the “Start” button and click on “Command Prompt (Admin).”
  2. Type in wmic bios get...