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  1. Gord Thor says:

    Good speakers are not supposed to "shake" anything, because anything that resonates (like your desk) will especially become a speaker. A really CRAPPY sounding speaker and that is why the bass is bloated and muddy as hell. The new generation has no clue what sounds great, otherwise they would never think the boomy bass coming from their furniture sound good. Natural sounding bass comes from the driver, not vibrating your furniture (floor) to produce an uncontrolled ringing bass drone that pervades the room. That crappy speaker would give me listening fatigue instantly.

  2. Akamine Jr says:

    Your review is so misleading. Apple touted HPs mainly a sound system. Not a voice assistant. Great from Apple? Not. But Apple was honest. Now, your review was not.

  3. Jazz Bourne says:

    He is just lacking general OS knowledge and being very silly on top of that. Definitely not a Tech-guy. Sorry, I do NOT subscribe here.

  4. BlackBlizz259 says:

    it takes alot of hours to install fornite.
    even how slow is zour wifi i just need 12 minutes to install it completlz

  5. His majesty Steve says:

    Not sure what it’s saying about me but when you said “hey Siri “ in a silly voice it activated Siri on my phone!

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