See how Apple, Dell, HP, and more stack up

From gaming laptops to 2-in-1 options, rugged designs to ultra-thin models, you can find the best laptop for your lifestyle, courtesy of these brands.



While you wouldn’t think it, Lenovo is the brand to check out if you’re looking for some of the best-reviewed laptops out there.

Best for gaming


When it comes to PC gaming, Razer is a premiere name, offering premium laptops in a thin body without sacrificing power.

Best customer support


Apple doesn’t just offer premium laptops — their premium customer service ensures that those who buy a MacBook will have it for years to come.

To survive in today’s world, a laptop is pretty much a necessity. Whether you’re a contractor using a 2-in-1 to show off floor plans, or a college student who needs a Chromebook for class, they make life much more manageable in terms of keeping track of your goals and getting things done. 

But with all the different big-name brands like Apple, Dell, and Microsoft offering every type of laptop you could possibly imagine, the waters can get a little muddy when it comes to choosing the right one for you. 

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At first glance, that’s not an easy question to answer. Since there are laptops capable of doing everything you could want or need, it almost seems impossible to find “the one.” It can be even more difficult when trying to separate these devices by brand, and trying to find out what advantages some companies offer over others.

How do I go about shopping for a new laptop?

Choosing a laptop is mostly dependent on what you’ll be using it for. Beginner laptop owners need something user-friendly and straightforward, frequent travelers need something light with a long battery life, designers and gamers need top-notch 4K graphics and quick central processors, and everyone needs something that will last.

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Take stock of what you need and what…