Serious MacBook Pro Problems Confirmed


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Although the new M1 powered Mac machines have picked up critical acclaim the new ARM-powered laptops have suffered a number of issues, with bluetooth connectivity problems occurring straight out of the the box. With an update to macOS 11 Big Sur expected in the near future, Apple has suggested that “a MacOS fix is in progress.”

The information comes from The Atlantic’s Ian Bogost. As well as finding a temporary solution allowing him to carry on working he’s also been in contact with Apple, which informs him that a macOS fix is under way and will be released in the near future. Boost tweets:

“Solved my M1 Mac Bluetooth issues by plugging in my keyboard and buying a Logitech mouse with its own Bluetooth dongle. (Apple tells me a MacOS fix is in progress and forthcoming just about anytime. But jeez.)”

The issue is particularly awkward for mac Mini owners, where bluetooth accessories such as keyboards and mice are a higher priority as owners would prefer to keep ports available for other accessories.

With the next update to macOS Big Sur currently in public beta with developers and interested parties, this would be an obvious moment to roll out a fix for the bluetooth issues being faced by all three M1 Macs.

Whether Apple specifically calls out the bluetooth fix as a standalone item in the changeling, or covers it under the “performance improvements, security updates, and bug fixes” line remains to be seen. As long as the issue is addressed, the countless users who have invested their money in…