Should I get an Apple computer or a PC? I am really not sure what I want. I need a new computer. I had a Dell?

Apple Computer Tech Myra asked:

laptop but it is over 6 years old now and works poorly. I replaced some of it’s hardware, but it’s just too old to keep up now.
So, now I have an IPhone and I love it, and I am thinking, new computer, Apple or PC? I work in the tech field so I am thinking PC is more for work related stuff for me, but Apple computers are so cute. Any thoughts?

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  1. Mawe :D says:

    A PC would be the best. They support more things than Mac’s, and doesn’t cost as much as Mac’s.

  2. Marguerite says:

    I would personally go for compatibility more than for looks, but it’s up to you.
    PCs are more for the general population. Especially if you work internally in a computer.
    Apples are more for people who are into graphics and such.

    But I’ve seen both touch down on the other side, too.

    Also, Apples are compatible with Windows and can switch back and forth to both operating systems. It’s a bit more pricey, however.

  3. Fire Dart says:

    well depends, If your into games, and use allot of programs that don’t have mac version the get a pc, get a mac if you are in to high performance and look evan into Linux they came out with the new ubuntu 8.04. Again it depends on your life style.

  4. rainofkayos says:

    APPPPPPLE APPPPPLE APPPPPPLE APPPPPLE.. literally how many apps do u need support for on a desktop home PC, all the basics are there,, office apps, adobe stuff, networking,, and always remember parallels desktop =)

  5. Christina S says:

    ive had macs for idk since i had my first computer. they are so easy, things are much more clearer. they dont get viruses and last a long time. also. if you have the iphone its obviously going to work muchhhhhhhhh more easily with the mac. your gonna be able to download apps and alot more for the phone. just go with the mac pleaseeeeeee

    i have two of them. desktop and laptop. and in my house we have about 6

  6. Kahless says:

    Myra, get a Mac. You didn’t mention whether or not you want a laptop or a desktop model. The MacBook works great, has almost all the software you need (add a better word processor), built in wifi type “n”, and a webcam. The iMac has a super small desktop footprint and also works great. As of today there are no MacOS X viruses, there are 118,000 Windows viruses. You can spend your free time helping your PC friends with their anti-virus software and daily virus scans.

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