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  1. Ambrosio Lima says:

    Guys i had An iPhone 7 matte black please go buurt a 6s instead of a 6 i had. 6 AND IT WAS TERRIBLE (touch ID was broken

  2. Vuk Desnica says:

    I just got a iPhone 6 yesterday for my birthday it’s doing really good bcs I don’t use it for intense I do use the battery soo I use it only for social media and 2 games sooooooo it’s good for me

  3. Alisha Edge says:

    Wtf u just showed ur pass to the whole world I mean like what's the point of having one XD

  4. Agent Pie says:

    This is a late comment, and nobody will see it, but I felt like I wanted to tell you this.

    I used an iPhone 4S as my, so called, "daily driver" and I was ok with it. Then, I somehow lost it, and I still have no clue what happened to it but I found my Samsung Galaxy S3 so I used that for a while.

    Eventually, my birthday came (13!), which is the only way to get money for me (I bought a Nintendo switch last year) and I had JUST enough, exactly, to get this iPhone 6, Space Gray, 64 GB, for just $180!

    I bought it on Amazon, an it should be here on Tuesday, July 17, 2018, 3 days from the date of when I post this. I couldn't be MORE excited! I also ordered a case, and a Shane Dawson PopSocket (along with a screen protector, also Shane is Queen), but I ordered it on my sister's account and the order was somehow canceled. :(

    Anyways, when the phone comes, I will comment (or update this!) How I like it!

  5. Pearl the rebel says:

    I remember when this phone came out. I wanted it so bad. More than anything. Now it's a really low price. I have the Galaxy S6 that I just got in December and if I can't buy the iPhone X, I might consider buying this.

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