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  1. Givenchy Homme says:

    The 6 is acceptable for a basic user, but the 6 plus is the iPad 3 of iPhones.

  2. Adam One says:

    Theyll stop at ios12 so youll want to buy another iphone, which is what they want

  3. ThomsT says:

    I hate this phone. Battery life is shit, it becomes unresponsive a lot of times and the volume when talking on the phone is always low. I’m glad I didn’t spend 400$ on this phone and got it when it was on sale for 180$. I’m sticking to Android when I buy a new phone.

  4. Isabella Vazquez says:

    lmaoo i have an iphone 6 and it's actual trash. it's so small, laggy, and is not as advanced as the newest ones. i would recommend getting iphones 7+ nowadays.

  5. Mr.kevin not home says:

    I bought a iPhone 6 plus yesterday for 80 buck just for the heck of it and I gotta say not to shabby

  6. A. G. says:

    Do you think is good for elderly ppl, I want some smartphone, my mother, she never had a smartphone?

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