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  1. Nick Ackerman says:

    Should You Buy iPhone X in 2019? It is said that Apple will be bringing these back to international markets due to slower sales of other iPhones, which seems likely as Apple has done this with prior iPhone models before. In addition the iPhone X is now cheaper than ever before on third party coming in at less than the iPhone XR. Are you picking up an iPhone X in 2019? Did you have an iPhone X and traded it? Share your experiences, thoughts, questions, comments, and concerns and enjoy the content! 2019 Let's Gooo!!!!

  2. Ghost Gaming says:

    pixel 3 or huawei mate 30 pro.better phones and software and will save a few £ in the pocket too.

  3. Sam Hogan says:

    I mean is that .3 inches going to make a difference because thats what holding me back here

  4. Renzel Ferriol says:

    You want this thing to lag ? Play mobile legends on it youll experience 10 fps

  5. ༺༊YT༊༺ BoyTou• says:

    I really want Iphone X today on 2019 but I have only 400$. Is it enough for Iphone 8+, guys???

  6. Bayern Müchen Fan says:

    My mom just gifted me a I-Phone X! It's going to get here tomorrow and am so happy it's an upgrade from my I-pad I got in 2011! I was so happy I cried. One like equals one thank you to my mother. I love you mom!

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