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  1. Andres Villagomez says:

    I’m a construction worker and they get on our ass for using the phone during work hours. If my wife ever needs anything or I get a notification, my Apple Watch cellular comes in very handy

  2. Adventureland Fan says:

    It’s worth stressing that this video’s recommendations are specific to the Series 4. You can still easily buy Series 3 from all major retailers as of this writing, and there the math is different. Also, there may be good reason to but a Series 3 cellular over a Series 4 WiFi, particularly if your emphasis is music storage.

    There are several things different between the Series 3 cellular and Series 3 WiFi, all of which give it greater life — whether or not you ever activate it on your phone plan. For instance, going cellular is how you get 16gb on a Series 3, and there’s more RAM on a cellular than a WiFi.

    This video also makes me think there’s something way different, still, about the WiFi version’s music storage. With the 3 cellular, you definitely have 8gb of music storage, and you can go higher if you sync playlists rather than individual songs. It’s definitely not just a “software thing” like the host suggested, but a difference between the WiFi and cellular versions of the 3. I’d want to check what the 4 cellular’s music limit was. If it were 8gb, like the 3 cellular, that would be enough to make me go cellular on the 4. Or, if I were on a budget, it would make me buy the 3 cellular rather than the 4 WiFi.

    For Series 3 or 4, you do have to remember the differing iPhone requirements, which could also affect your buying choices. You have to have an iPhone 6 if you want the cellular. If not, it’s still possible to use an iPhone 5s with the WiFi version.

  3. Mickey says:

    I'll just get the Cellular just so I don't regret it and I want to make calls and leave my phone at home.

  4. dean perico says:

    thanks for the advice because this coming september im planning to buy apple watch

  5. Andrew Shannahan says:

    Was going to go for the GPS only but I'm that guy who has no phone at work for 8 hours per day due to security within the business and I run a lot. Use a Garmin to run, don't like to be contacted when running as it's a stress release exercise as much as it is physical exercise but the other half wants me to go cellular as I run out in the wild a bit during the summer months. Decisions decisions………

  6. SUPER BUNNY says:

    Hey Brian! I was gonna ask for some quick advice. My parents say that if I put 100 percent effort into my vids and get bigger they will buy final cut pro for me for a discount from education. I was gonna ask, what do you think I should get, Premiere, or Final Cut Pro? I like more fast and easy and customizable workflows. :)

  7. Pablo Acosta says:

    The cellular has come in handy a few times when my phone died and I needed to contact my friends. Cool vid!

  8. Bradley Beyer says:

    I have the cellular model. Honestly I don’t use the cellular feature any more. Got my plan turned off so I could do a iPad. In the end I found out that if I had my watch on I usually almost always had my phone near me or on me. So it never served a good purpose, along with the fact that it seemed to never really picked up good service when I wasn’t around my phone. So I ended up just canceled and wear it as a Bluetooth watch and that fits my life so much better.

  9. Eber Nascimento says:

    Does one need a phone with cellular service in order to use the watch with cellular? Or can just the watch with cellular be used as a phone by itself?

  10. Its ur tictok boi says:

    So u can play music anywhere I have a 3 and I would bring it to school no WiFi and I can play music

  11. Chase Brown Gospel365 says:

    I have the "cellular" new galaxy watch. Lol, I've never been a apple fan. I literally watch your videos because your awesome…. and I've been here for 3 almost 4 years now.

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