Should you upgrade to Apple’s latest smartphone? Maybe


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The No. 1 question I’ve been asked on social media lately goes like this: “Should I upgrade to the iPhone 12?”

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I like the phone I have now. Do I really have to? But I just bought a new phone a few months ago. Really?

I’ve been testing the 12 and 12 Pro since Tuesday, and the short answer is, yes. But there are a lot of qualifiers.

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You get: the best iPhone Apple has made yet, with a welcome redesign that feels better to hold, a faster, zippy processor and a camera that really performs near miracles in low light.

But two important things to consider: The biggest selling point Apple is pushing for the new ones is that they connect to the new, supposedly faster 5G wireless standard. But current 5G is spotty (Verizon) or not currently much faster than 4G (AT&T and T-Mobile.) In my home, my Wi-Fi is twice as fast as T-Mobile’s 5G. But the promise of 5G is there, and should start to become real by mid to late 2021. So no, you don’t have to upgrade for the 5G. You could easily wait for the next edition.

The iPhone 12.

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The iPhone 12.

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Another wrinkle: Beyond the two iPhones released this month, there are two more new iPhones coming in November, and one of the new models, the Pro Max, promises to be the one serious photographers will want to hold out for. It will have a larger image sensor and bigger pixels than the 12 Pro and costs only $100 more. It also touts a larger telephoto lens, clocking in at 65mm vs. 52mm on the 12 Pro. If that sounds like Greek, allow me to translate: It gets you closer to the action, without moving. I want the…