Silver Sparrow Premiers A Brand New Type of CBD


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Utilizing the science of nanotechnology, Silver Sparrow is focused on creating solutions for targeted issues that people routinely suffer with

Silver Sparrow was founded in Boise Idaho by two CBD industry veterans, Mark Phillips and Adam Hagaman. With close to 35 years of experience in sales and the manufacturing of dietary supplements, they have announced that a secret project they were working on behind the scenes is now ready for the world.

Silver Sparrow has revealed that they’re using patented-Nanotechnology to transform the particle size of CBD up to 70X smaller than a single red blood cell. This apparently allows for the molecules to be absorbed through the bloodstream and bypass the gastrointestinal tract, which would lead to a significant increase in it’s bioavailability.

CBD is naturally relatively low in it’s bioavailability in the human body. This may be why cultures across the globe have traditionally inhaled hemp, allowing for a much higher absorption in comparison to ingestion. The team at Silver Sparrow believes that this new type of CBD that they’re manufacturing their products with is more than double the bioavailability of inhaling it and essentially entirely bioavailable.

Silver Sparrow has also included additional active ingredients in each of the products in their lineup to target a specific issue that an individual may be struggling with. They have launched with their first two products which are called ‘Stress’ and ‘Sleep’, with their third product ‘Smile’ debuting next month. The fourth product, due by June, will be called ‘Relief’.

One thing to note, Silver Sparrow’s products contain not just CBD, but there are over 110 plus of these special molecules that are naturally occurring in the hemp plant. All of these special molecules from the hemp plant are known to have their own set of unique characteristics and benefits, and this is why Silver Sparrow says they have chosen to include them all in these new CBD products.

These products are now available to the general public. More information can be found at

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