Skip a trip to the Genius Bar with this iOS repair software

Our devices — phones, computers, tablets, etc. — have become an integral part of daily life. And they can break at the worst times, like right before a presentation or while you’re studying for a big test.

Since you can’t control if or when a device stops working, it’s important to have a plan in place for quick repairs. Enter the AnyFix iOS Fix. This service is a one-stop solution to troubleshoot and solve hundreds of the most-common tech problems for Apple products. And, it’s part of our limited-time VIP sale, so you can get an extra 40% off when you use the code VIP40 at checkout, bringing the price of a lifetime subscription down to just $23.99.


AnyFix iOS is equipped to fix over 130 system issues for iPhones, iPads, iPod touches, and Apple TVs. It can fix over 200 iTunes errors, bringing things back to life at the first moment.

Before you make an appointment to see a hardware specialist, try AnyFix to tackle many issues with just a few clicks, no data loss and no skills required. Choose from three repair modes depending on how severe your problem is and find solutions to common issues, like backup errors, iTunes not loading, or iTunes not recognizing an iPhone.

AnyFix iOS has helped over 100,000 users simplify their repair process and solve problems from home. highlighted the simplicity, writing that “all it takes is a few clicks of the mouse, with no complicated manual operations.”’s praise notes, “AnyFix indeed has a fix for multiple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and Apple TV issues. What’s great is that solutions are just a few clicks away. The interface is neat, well-organized and pretty simple to understand and employ.”


When your phone, computer, tablet, etc. stops working, don’t panic. AnyFix iOS can help you identify and deal with hundreds of the most-common issues. Get a lifetime subscription to this software for Mac or Windows and bring the already-reduced price of $39.99 down 40% further when you use the code VIP40 at checkout. Take advantage of this limited-time VIP sale to get ready to fix your devices for just $23.99.

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