Sophos adds 30% commercial grade discount on Mac and iOS


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News Highlights: Sophos adds 30% commercial grade discount on Mac and iOS

Macs may not be prone to the same malware as Windows PCs, but their popularity among staff means that Mac computers are more than ever the target of their own malware. Sophos Home provides commercial level security for Mac, iPhone, iPad, PC and Android, and every version of Sophos Home is tailored for every operating system. From verifying URLs for malicious web pages on iOS to scanning and removing malware on macOS, Sophos Home protects your security and privacy on all your devices. Read on for more information and save 30% on Sophos Home with an exclusive deal for 9to5Mac readers.

Sophos Home is packed with protection and features that are perfect for all your devices. Cross-platform protection works on up to 10 Macs and Windows PCs, so you can protect your friends and family too. Have a mix of iPhone, iPad and even Android devices? There is no limit to the number of devices you can install Sophos Home on iOS and Android. That means you can protect your own devices and any devices for which you receive technical support.

Prevent data from being compromised

Mac users will appreciate the extra layers of security Sophos Home offers. Sophos Home, for example, will …

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