Stanford and Apple, quite the dynamic duo

The USA Today reports on the ongoing and close relationship Apple has with Stanford University. The connections between Stanford and Apple are of course extensive and well documented. Stanford has a wildly popular iPhone development course taught by Apple employees, and Apple plucks with great regularity Stanford grads. One prominent Stanford alum is Scott Forstall who now serves as Apple’s senior VP of iOS software. And of course, Jobs’ now legendary commencement speech was given at Stanford.

One story touched upon is that of Jonathan Tilley, a Stanford student who created a decently popular app called Eggaduppa.

Apple noticed and offered Tilley an intern position. “I had to pull down the app,” he says. “Apple doesn’t like you working on side projects.” The intern gig turned into a paid part-time position, says Tilley, who is finishing his senior year. Apple wants him full time after graduation, he adds.

Check out the full story over here.

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