Steve Jobs President & CEO, NeXT Computer Corp and Apple. MIT Sloan Distinguished Speaker Series

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  1. Xiao Jiang says:

    26 years later, you can still feel his passion and vision from a low quality recording. A true genius. The world needs more Steve Jobs. May him rest in peace.

  2. Amit Sett says:

    His response to the question @ 52:56 is a clear indication that he doesn’t care for the approach that some large companies adhere to which is “disagree and commit”

  3. Saskia van Houtert says:

    Thanks to Steve I could experience and practice his programms at a printery, like to experience that again. Thanks Steve

  4. Synapse Education says:

    What I love about this is the first signs of how applications / app stores would become the go-to business model for computing and the cloud. I think it might have started with the graphic interface, which, with Apple II was making it easy to use a computer. But he says in the very beginning you couldn't go somewhere like a store to buy a single app.

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