Steve Jobs Unwittingly Exposes Secret iMood Device

The next great “i” device was exposed prematurely when a self proclaimed “FanGirl” activated the iMood when she touched the proximity switch embedded in Steve Job’s elbow. Our inside source tells us that the iMood is a slap in the face response to Microsoft’s patent application that is trying to corner the market on monitoring a worker’s productivity. According to the patent the interface will monitor things like galvanic skin response and automatically detect frustration or stress in the user.

The iMood is all that and more our inside source is claiming. The iMood is able to scan and report a range of moods but more exciting is its ability to create theta waves that allows the user to also control those close to the device. Initial testing shows that you will be able to control facial muscles and the diaphragm allowing the user to create a shocked appearance in your subject. But when you amp up the device you can also create a “spit take” on any subject at will.

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