Study: tablets could top HDTVs in holiday shopping

With Black Friday closing in on us, a lot of attention is being paid to gadgets and Apple is well poised with the iPod, iPad and iPhone topping the gift-giving charts. has published a new study on consumer spending this holiday season that includes a special emphasis on technology. The study asked consumers what was on their holiday wish lists and how much they were planning to spend on gadgets and gadget accessories.

One of  its conclusions: tablets (like the iPad) could beat HDTVs this holiday season.

Unless Android gets it together in the tablet department, Apple could have a very good holiday season. When the study asked what was on consumers’ wish lists this year the product on the top of most people’s electronics wish lists was a tablet followed closely by a laptop, HDTV set, and smartphone. Netbooks and 3DTVs were lowest on the lists.

The study also reveals more about who’s buying electronics this holiday season.

More than 50% of just about everyone that responded to the study indicated they are going to buying some electronics this holiday season. The largest groups of gadget buyers this year include under 34 year olds, males and iPhone owners.

The complete results can be found here.

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