Stunning iPhone 13 Pro Design Leaks, iPhone Mini’s Surprise Success, Urgent iPhone Security Warning


Protect Your Access to the Internet

Taking a look back at another week of news and headlines from Cupertino, this week’s Apple Loop includes details on WWDC 2021, iPhone 13 launch dates, new iPhone 13 Pro details, important iOS updates, Apple TV’s new frontier, MacBook display problems, and app sales keep on climbing.

Apple Loop is here to remind you of a few of the very many discussions that have happened around Apple over the last seven days (and you can read my weekly digest of Android news here on Forbes).

Here Comes The Conference

Apple has confirmed that this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference will again be an online affair, just as WWDC 2020 was. It will take place June 7 to June 11:

“Building on the record-breaking participation and learnings from last year’s online conference, WWDC21 is an opportunity for developers to learn about the new technologies, tools, and frameworks they rely on to build innovative and platform-differentiating apps and games”

Apple Newsroom.

Time To Quickly Update Your iPhone

Meanwhile existing iPhone users will be looking at another update to iOS and wondering if v14.4.2 is worth the upgrade. Given it’s addressing an “urgent security risk” that was already being used in the wild, the answer is probably yes:

“According to Apple’s release notes, the software provides an important security fixes and should be installed by all users. A security support document says that the update fixes a vulnerability that was actively exploited… Apple has fixed the issue by improved management of object lifetimes.”


iPhone Schedule Back On Track

The production lines for Apple’s next iPhone chip (the presumptively-named A15) is reportedly starting up by the end of May. That’s earlier than last year, but…