Surprise Samsung Galaxy S21 Will Cause New Problems For Google, Apple

Not only will the Galaxy S21 arrive surprisingly early next year, it looks like Samsung will dramatically shake up its Note and Galaxy S ranges too. 

Last week respected tipster Ice Universe claimed that the S21 Ultra will support S Pen useage. Another reliable tipster, Max Jambor, added that the new handset won’t have an in-built space to house the stylus, rather the S21 Ultra will simply support its functionality.

Yesterday, sources speaking with Android Police confirmed that the S21 Ultra will support the stylus, but it won’t be included in the box. Instead, Samsung will sell a case that comes with the S Pen. If accurate, it looks like 2021 could finally be the year Samsung merges the Note and Galaxy S ranges.

But what really caught my eye in Android Police’s detailed specification leak was the Korean company’s pricing plan. The story revealed that Samsung is considering cutting costs to be more competitive, but it won’t go down Google’s route of scaling back features to save cash. Instead, the Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra will include the latest Snapdragon 875 chipset (it won’t drop down to a more price efficient 7-series like Google did) and other top-end hardware.

There’s also an improved camera setup in S21 Ultra, which includes laser auto focus to (hopefully) fix the focussing issues in the S20 and two telephoto sensors (3x optical telephoto and 10x optical telephoto). The other two variants will apparently include the same camera hardware as the current S20 range, but there will be new software enhancements like dual recording mode (so you can shoot on both the front and rear cameras at the same time) and more manual controls for night mode.

Crucially, Android Police’s source claims that Samsung will drop the price of the S21 range. The site explains that this is in response to the current economic situation caused by the pandemic. Samsung was quite clear in the Galaxy S20 FE press release that the discounted cost was a direct response to the stuttering economy, so…