Switching from Windows to Mac: Everything You Need to Know (Complete Guide)

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  1. Harsh KJ says:

    Can you tell if i can run any hard disk on mac and watch movies on mac from the hard disk

  2. NurFareeza says:

    Im thinking of getting a macbook air and use microsoft office to write essays and complete my assignment with it. But the thing is, im afraid most of my classmates will be using Windows instead. I've heard that if u transfer docs from mac to win or vice verse. it will mess up the docs, the format. Help please :(

  3. Moises Castro says:

    Best explanation ever, the video examples helped a lot, Thanks for your hard work (writing within a Mac after testing all the shortcuts learned) :D

  4. Timothy Moore says:

    Im good, im going to keep using windows, but final cut pro is an option to get a mac

  5. Jmyuwel Dillion says:

    Fuckin shit!!! I feel like 8 years old again!!! I don't want to hate my mac but I'm close lol

  6. Anthony Pinto says:

    I have been a system admin for the Windows environment for years, you pointed out some differences that I did not even know windows had options for. Like F2 to rename a file for example… Proof you are never finished learning.

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