Apple Future Vision 1987

Apple predicted the company’s future in 1987: Video correctly forecasts Siri, but is over-optimistic about smart glasses

Users can access plane boarding passes on screen, like Apple’s Passport feature, while a computer selects news articles a user will be interested in – a feature of iOS 9. It also shows virtual assistants which have now become a common feature on …
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Watch Apple’s Awkwardly Wrong Prediction of the Future From 1987

Apple has a long history of weird, self-serving company videos that elevate its computer-and-gadget operation to nothing short of a global superpower. But this is something else. In 1987, two years after founder Steve Jobs was run out of the company …
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Apple’s 1987 ‘Knowledge Navigator’ video is prophetic of just-released virtual assistant function – New York Daily News

A prophetic video from Apple’s pre-smart-phone days showed a futuristic tablet computer with a touchscreen – foretelling the iPad more than 20 years before its creation. But take a closer look at the 1987 video, and the prophecy becomes almost …
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