The First Apple Computer

Microsoft will release its first web browser for Apple’s Mac computers in 15 years as it makes a major change to its Microsoft Edge strategy

It’s official: Microsoft Edge, the default web browser on Windows 10, will be moving over in the next year to support the Google-born Chromium web engine. Edge was introduced in 2015 as the successor …
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Steve Jobs handwritten note on first Apple computer up for auction – Business Insider

A piece of computer history is up for auction. Bonhams is currently auctioning a yellowed spec sheet and two polaroids from the late ’70s for as much as $ 60,000. The reason why these old papers could …
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Should the Supreme Court Knock the First Brick Out of Apple’s Walled Garden?

The case involves Apple’s right to insist that all apps on its iOS mobile operating system be sold through its own App Store. While many people see the App Store as a form of monopoly …
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