From Mac to Windows: What I Learned

The 5 best Apple AirPods alternatives for Android, Windows, and iOS devices

Apple shook things up when it announced that newer iPhones would no longer sport the 3.5mm headphone jack – a design decision that still remains controversial – but the Cupertino, California-based com…
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Windows Virtual Desktop on iPad could be the computer Apple never wanted

Ever since the debut of the iPad Pro, Apple has been talking about how its tablet could pretty much replace the long-standing definition of what computers are. But while countless of iPad Pro owners h…
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One of Apple’s key chip manufacturers was hit with a virus that targets Windows computers — and it took nearly 3 days to recover

Apple supplier TSMC was hit by a virus over the weekend. TSMC makes the processors that are currently used in the iPhone X and iPhone 8 to Apple’s specifications. The incident could delay shipments of …
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