TESTED: Apple HomePod vs. Google Home Max – a PC Guy’s Perspective

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  1. Sultan Singh says:

    Balanced Mode Radiators are not that Special ! they are just a flat cone speakers just to reduce the thickness of a speaker !

  2. DJ Pashka says:

    Here is an idiot trying to review sound speaker and has no background in sound engineering. Google Home Max wins sound quality and by far. It's like compering apples to orages here.

  3. Johan johan says:

    rofl ….. its not smart at all …..
    …. if it know who voice command to execute who not then its smart speaker

  4. V3c70r says:

    Damn linus i think you sound like me because when you said hey Siri ask me a joke, my phone turned on and scared the crap out of me

  5. Random -Tech says:

    only people that would buy this will be apple user i don't see and android user going for this

  6. Silvypious SilvyPious says:

    he sounds like he is biased towards the apple home pod. the google home is clearly the better option. and I like (not) how he compared the google home with a 'regular dumb speaker'.

  7. Tashad Fowler says:

    It kind of seems like you were pushing harder for Apple but it just fell short and you also forgot to mention that Google assist deals with voice recognition where you can program other users to it and it can identify people by name who use your Google. My device calls me by name.

  8. BottomThe says:

    I’m sorry the main reason You buy this stuff is cos of the assistant. And Siri hands down is the WORST!! Siri was born before the rest, yet it’s shocking to see how bad It is.

    Apple have created a decent speaker that’s it. Nothing smart about it.

  9. ninja pickle says:

    Apple copied Google with there fabric. Go Google! Btw I have a Google Hime, its really good!

  10. Jennifer Zenner says:

    love many apple products but in case of smart speakers + good sound the Google Home is my number 1!!

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