The 7 best iPhone fast-charging cables that aren’t made by Apple

These days, our iPhones are pretty much extensions of our bodies. Small, portable and convenient, we essentially have the world in the palm of our hands. And we take our iPhones everywhere, seeing as they’ve replaced our alarm clocks, watches, cameras, notepads and more.

Our iPhones can do so much for us, but the one thing they can’t do is plug into a charger when we need it. And let’s be real: The only thing potentially worse than a dead phone is a slow charger that holds us back — this is where fast charger cables for iPhone come into play.

So whether you’re still using an old charger, a wonky wireless model that never seems to work properly or you can just never remember where you last left it, having a reliable, fast-working charger on hand is essential. And while adding a fast-charging cable that keeps up with your tech collection may not seem exciting, you’re never going back once you get one.

Say goodbye to running late because you had to wait for your phone to charge or missing important calls and texts. We rounded up seven of the very best fast charger cables for iPhone not made by Apple, because everyone deserves a little variety (and you probably already have an Apple charger). Plus, they’re all available on Amazon.

From chargers with extra-long cables to chargers that are easy to pack and even ones that light up, keep scrolling to learn the ins and outs of the best fast-charging cables out there. And no, you don’t have to splurge to bring one of these cables home — high-quality options start at just $11.

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