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  1. FULLmeltHASH says:

    Introducing the Apple-II e… the highly sophisticated computer. Now you may be asking yourself, “what does it do”, well im glad you asked. This is a keyboard.. it’s connected to the computer. Im going to press one of these buttons, and you will simultaneously see that letter appear on the screen… and when i press another letter, that letter will appear next to the first one… and the more you press these buttons, the more letters you’ll see on the screen. You can literally fill the screen with letters, some people may even suggest forming those letters into words that have meaning. That’s the beauty of the computer, you can type anything you want on the keyboard, and it will appear on the screen. Today i typed the words “poopy doopy” and the screen said the words “poopy doopy”. I knew that i was in complete control of what was appearing on the screen. As if that wasn’t fascinating enough… the computer does another thing that is extremely impressive… it allows me to press the delete button and it literally deletes every random letter i type on the screen, and it lets me type it all over again.. and not just once.. i can literally sit there and type a screen full of gibberish, delete every word, and re-type either the same gibberish, or something that’s completely different gibberish. The inventor of the computer is hoping that one day it may do even more than that. But i really dont know what else a computer can do.. What do you expect? To do shopping on your computer?? Haha, thats rubbish, rubbish i say.

  2. That One Guy On Youtube says:

    Welcome to the dark ages, children, when you had to learn BASIC before you could use a computer.

  3. 高橋諭 says:


  4. Goran Varbanov says:

    This was the most personal computer ever! But Steve Jobs intentionally killed him, to introduce the Macintosh. Apple ][ was the computer as a computer should be! Apple ][ brought freedom, but the Macintosh wipe that freedom out! Woz is the wizard who brought this miracle to the world, extendability, compatibility and simplicity that never been existed before, and not exist anymore! If Apple were continued to develop the Apple ][ family, today the world of personal computers has to be the Apple world of personal computers… But instead, IBM made this, and the rest is history.

  5. Austin Britt says:

    apple is a terrible company even at this time they lied when they said "best computer on the market" this is a complete lie, it wasn't even close to the best. And then they copy the commodore computers ideas, and was a terrible computer. I had one and I hated it, a gave it away to a kid in my neighborhood, it crashed a lot, and always made this weird smell. It annoyed me to because they were always coming up with new ideas, making the past one obsolete. They are terrible computers in general, just wanted to clarify that.

  6. J Scott Upton says:

    Jobs BIG contribution to the Apple III was to insist that it have NO fans…despite the technicians begging him to allow for a fan. Sure enough, the Apple III was a commercial failure partly because it was unreliable due to over-heating.

  7. John Ward says:

    Steve didn’t design shit. He just yelled at people. Passionate? Yes. But he was no engineer.

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