The Apple Vision Pro has given VR its iPhone moment


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Apple Vision Pro provides virtual screens for your Mac.

“One more thing” means you’re about to be treated to something groundbreaking — and that’s exactly what happened when Apple CEO Tim Cook uttered those fateful three words at the end of the recent Worldwide Developers Conference 2023 keynote. The Apple Vision Pro is not just another VR headset; no, it’s an incredible piece of technology that pushes the boundaries of what we can expect from both virtual reality and augmented reality. The display tech, sensor quality, and polish are like nothing we’ve ever seen before in a headset — and they signal a big jump forward in VR and AR tech.

The only quibble is the price: $3,500. That’s a whole lot of cash, and due to that, I’m not confident the Vision Pro will appear in every other house in the next few years.

But it doesn’t matter. The Vision Pro doesn’t need to be a massive success as it’s already changed the face of VR and AR tech simply by existing. Once again, Apple has delivered an iPhone moment that’s going to change the face of technology. Only, this time, it’s done so for the VR and AR market.

I’m not sold on the Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro shown connected to its external battery pack.

I truly can’t understate this: I’m really, really not confident the Vision Pro is going to be a hit. Apple’s presentation spent a long time trying to persuade us to wear the Vision Pro all the time, and, well, that seems like a terrible idea. I’ve spent quite a lot of time in my own Meta Quest 2, and while Apple’s headset is noticeably smaller and lighter than mine, I still don’t think many people are going to want to spend a lot of time with a screen strapped to their head.

The weight is a problem, but there are many other factors that also limit the amount of time you want to spend in any VR headset. If the fit isn’t perfect, then the frame can press into your head uncomfortably. The positioning needs to be exactly right, or it’ll blur. Oh, and if your nose isn’t the right size and shape to accommodate that position, well, enjoy the pain that causes. Heck, it’s also hot in those things, and that by itself puts a major limit on the amount of time you’ll want to spend wearing it.

But even if Apple has cracked the comfort element, the Vision Pro…