The best antivirus for Mac is none at all


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The online world is still a dangerous place, but while antivirus providers are trying to sell you subscriptions for their wares, macOS is still secure enough for users to resist the products. The best antivirus for Mac is a combo of existing protections and user sanity.

Viruses and malware are a fact of online life, with numerous reports detailing how various digital nasties are badly affecting systems around the world. Both for individuals and for organizations with more stringent security practices.

On Windows, having some form of additional protection was, and still is, needed, especially as it’s the biggest target for virus makers to aim for. With a smaller user base, Mac was less of a target at first, but it has become a bigger one as the years rolled on.

What helped the Mac was its reputation as being very immune to malware and viruses in general. That it was virus-proof in some way, and you didn’t need an antivirus tool at all.

That is still pretty much true today, to a point. Apple includes various mechanisms in macOS that makes it very difficult for malware to actually be a problem for the typical user.

This hasn’t stopped various companies from trying to provide extra security, declaring themselves to be the best antivirus for Mac in some way.

To be sure, it is still a target of viruses and malware, but certainly not in a way that Windows users have to be concerned about. While some of it is down to users being careful and thinking about how they act online, a lot of it is still down to the protection systems macOS has in place.

That reputation of security exists for good reason. Here’s why.


Of all of the protections Apple has in macOS, Gatekeeper is the most visible one to users. You’ll know it as the warning that flags up whenever you download a piece of software from the Internet and try to run it.

Gatekeeper is capable of stopping malware…