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  1. DailyTekk says:

    Buy Apple Watch on Amazon: http://geni.us/3sdUAob
    Best APPLE WATCH accessories: https://dlytkk.co/2TDUi7L

    Previously mentioned apps I mentioned again: Nano, Drafts, Cheat Sheet, Hindsight, Numerics and Just Press Record. New apps I mentioned today: Bear, Shift, HomeRun, Audible, Jay, Rep Up, Pocket Casts.

    Time Stamps:
    0:20 – How I use the Apple Watch daily
    1:53 – The state of Apple Watch apps and where to find unique apps
    2:53 – A quick rundown of the best Watch apps I've mentioned previously on the channel
    3:56 – My latest recommendations starting with Bear Notes
    5:58 – Shift (full keyboard for Apple Watch)
    7:29 – HomeRun for HomeKit (smart home control)
    8:56 – Audible (audiobooks)
    10:06 – Jay (Twitter app THAT PLAYS VIDEO WITH SOUND!)
    11:37 – Rep Up (the ONE fitness app I included)
    12:44 – Pocket Casts (my favorite podcast app)
    15:17 – Answering your questions (AMA)

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  2. JP V says:

    Wow! That Rep-Up app looks GREAT! I was wishing Apple implemented some sort of “rep counter” for the Apple Watch. Finally !

  3. balin662 says:

    I FINALLY bought an Apple Watch 4 two weeks ago. The first 3 days I thought (I just threw away $500), Then after playing with all the apps the health apps started YELLING at me that my resting heart rate bounced around from 124 to 136! Doctors Visits, Heart & BP pills.. (I've been limited in what exercises I can do for over 10 yrs). I now use the heart app, Qardio app and sometimes the ECG app ev morning & evening. Yes, I bought the Qardio Bluetooth thing & the other day I ordered the bluetooth weight scale that tells you how much % FAT I am & how much I weigh. I'm now VERY HAPPY I have the watch and it sortta directs my attention that I need to do my Workout App Stretches, stationary bike, & a little Bowflex. (what little I can do with 5 flat/ruptured discs) — My main complaint.. with my job I wish the watch had a Infograph face with Digital Time & Date in bold and SHOW the Current Figures of my Heart Rate, Stock, & Date. The corner only tell the Date & Stock. Then TOP CENTER only allows -1- single .. Heart, Stock, & Date. I want ALL The Apps to display at least in the corners and would be great for them ALL to work in the center. I ended up using the Modular face and settled for the Large TIME & smaller Stock, BP, and Date.

  4. Natalie M says:

    Should I get one in the beginning of May for my birthday or wait till September for the series 5 for my first watch

  5. Badr Zouhir says:

    It is really hard to tell whether you’re suggesting an app because you got payed, or because you sincerely like it.

  6. Alexander Malone says:

    At the beginning of your video you said you can adjust your TVs volume with your Apple Watch. How do you do that?

  7. Scott Charlton says:

    If you are plugging an app it would be a good idea to post name of app on screen. And slow down your delivery.

  8. Trina Puddefoot says:

    Can you change the alert bell so it sounds like a Star Trek communicator? That would make my day

  9. Mike Jenkinson says:

    Chirp is also a good Twitter app for the Apple Watch that lets you watch videos in Tweets (which I didn't realize until I saw your Jay review and tried it in Chirp!)

  10. Jay Rushlow says:

    Bear is great on Apple Watch, how does Apple Notes not have a watch app, maybe when we get iOS 13

  11. J Kelly says:

    bear is awesome….i think its worth the monthly cost. but i would love if it had custom reminders with it. it would make it perfect. i still have not found a Keep replacement where i'm not having to pay 50+ a month.

  12. boomer150 says:

    I wanted a Apple Watch for a long time and finally had enough to get a series 3 GPS, now my whole life I never owned a watch (or wore jewelry for that matter) I found it unnecessary to wear something that just told the time when the time is all around me, car, computer, cell phone etc. however the idea of a watch that not only told perfect time always but also did like 50 other things I was sold instantly and for the first time in my life I have a watch tan line lol. I love my Apple Watch by itself but when combined with my XR and AirPods it creates a perfect circle of wearable technology, all connected and working together seamlessly. My mom owns an android and I constantly have to fix problems on it for her, makes me sad for other people who don’t use apple tech for whatever reasons they have. Apple for life!!!

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